New Stabbing Device Can Save Lives

Jul, 2021 - By SMI

New Stabbing Device Can Save Lives

REACT is a tamponade installed device which is stabbed in a wound with an actuator that expands the tamponade.

If an individual has a deep stab injury, it is essential to exert pressure within the wound and not just on the wound. A new device developed by students is designed to allow first respondents to do this and probably save lives which could otherwise be lost. Police officials are often the first ones to reach the crime scene. If the person is stabbed with a knife or a sharp object then the object is kept as it is until the medical services are made available. It acts like a cork and eventually helps reduce internal bleeding by applying the pressure. However, the police often finds some incidents where the wound is open and needs treatment as soon as possible.

Joseph Bentley, a final year student of Product Design and Technology at the Loughborough University, Britain, created REACT tool keeping such scenarios in account. This handy device consists of two parts and is named as ‘Rapid Emergency Activating Tamponade’. First part of this device is a silicon sleeve which is stabbed into the wound/injury. The second part that is the actuator, is then linked and inflated by a valve on the tamponade. Prior to this the user needs to select the body part where the injury is. This is done on the back of this device where a LCD interface is installed.

Once powered up, the system quickly swells to the air pressure tamponade, which is extremely beneficial for the reduction of blood loss from a stab injury in a particular body part. The actuator is the separated and the swelled tamponade is kept in the wound until the arrival of the paramedics. This device can be quickly deflated and taken out unlike other materials which need proper attention for their removal. REACT is now available as a 3D printed prototype optimized for use in the body parts like abdomen, groin and armpits. Mr. Bentley is working on the modification of this device which will enable it to work on other body parts as well and perfecting the settings for the air pressure.

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