New Smart Glasses With AI Allow Blind People To Experience Surrounding World

May, 2022 - By SMI

New Smart Glasses With AI Allow Blind People To Experience Surrounding World

Envision AI powered smart glasses that aim to help visually impaired individuals direct through their daily life now have some new updates also for its mobile app

Few years back with its release Google Glass set the base for glasses being designed for helping the visually impaired. Envision Glasses is also a solution that aims to help the blind navigating through their regular life. Envision glasses is an AI solution that is paired with Android/iOS smartphone app while setting them up. However they function separately once they are set. Now the company announced release of new updates for these glasses and its app. Their new software reportedly runs on Qualcomm Quad Core processor in Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 hardware.

The idea behind these glasses was to inform the user to know what they are looking at by finger-swiping arm of the glasses on the right side to select a mode. The users are guided with artificial speech feedback that comes out from the speaker integrated into the glasses. After the use selects the mode, they have to double tap the right arm for recording the image. This image is processed by the artificial intelligence based algorithms system. Based on the selected mode, these glasses read and speak short text pieces instantly, such as street signs, it can scan longer text pieces like book pages and then speak them according to convenience of the user. The glasses can read text in around 60 languages.

Moreover, these glasses can also be used to create an assistive video call, where the person on the other side can verbally direct the user as they view a real time feed through their glasses. The Envision Glasses are IP43 water-resistant, weigh nearly 46 g, and can run for four to five hours on its lithium battery after each charge. Currently, the Envision Glasses are priced at US$3, 607.

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