Netflix Planning To Fish More Subscribers Through Its Cheaper, Ad-Supported Plan.

Oct, 2022 - By SMI

Netflix Planning To Fish More Subscribers Through Its Cheaper, Ad-Supported Plan.

Netflix has made official, it’s cheaper, ad-supporter tier in 12 countries initially launching in first week of November.

Often there are complaints about Netflix’s subscription plans being too costly or non-affordable. Even the number of worldwide Netflix subscribers are on a reducing due to rising competition. To tackle this issue, they have come up with a new ad supported, less costly subscription plan. This plan will come into work from next month and will be launched in 12 countries initially namely Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the US. It is arriving on 1st November in Canada for US$ 5.99 and 3rd November in USA for US$ 6.99.

This plan is named as ‘Basic with Ads’. It provides the user with 720p/HD video quality and averagely 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements per hour. Initially ads will be of 15 to 30 second duration and will be played before and during every video. The download option will not be available with this plan. While some of the TV shows and movies on Netflix will not be available citing licensing restrictions, Netflix has ensured that most of its catalogue will be available. It has also stated that they are working to solve this problem too.

Netflix is expecting that people who are not subscribers yet will enter the family due to this plan. Disney+, rival platform of Netflix is also planning to roll out similar ad-supported plan in December. Since the lockdown and stay-at-home norms due to COVID-19 the video streaming and OTT platform market has seen a large boom. In India many awaited, big budget movies are being released on OTT platforms because there is no assurance of cinema hall theatres. As there is increase in number of platforms and completion growing hot, these OTT giants like Netflix and Disney+ are taking steps to bag in as many subscribers as they can.

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