Nasal Spray Method of Drug Delivery Can Control Parkinson's Disease

Jun, 2021 - By SMI

Nasal Spray Method of Drug Delivery Can Control Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is one of the common motor neuron disorder that cause uncontrolled or sudden unintended movements of the human body.

An exact cause of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is yet to be known, however many reasons like certain metabolic disorders, hereditary transfer or genetic alterations can conclude the occurrence of this process. Researchers of University of York have invented a nasal spray for the treatment of patient suffering with Parkinson’s disease, which gave amazing results than other conventional drugs used.

In PD, neuronal ending of the brain gets damaged, causing improper transmission of impulse. Neurons are the smallest unit of the nervous system. The axonal portion of the neuron is responsible for the formation of neurotransmitter (Dopamine, Acetylcholine etc.) that bridges the gap between two neurons and help in the nervous conduction. Symptoms of PD involves, interrupted periodic tremors, muscles stiffness, impaired balance etc.

Scientists of University of York have designed a particular gel that have the ability to bind to the nasal tissue with which a common drug Levodopa can be bound. This helps the drug to reach the brain very easily. Although the drug levodopa over a long period of exposure loses its functional ability as body becomes adapted and starts to degenerate the chemical structure of the drug and finally diffuse its action. So if the drug be administered through injections, with increased dosage it might cause better action that of tablets.

Recent investigation in context of method of administration of the drugs, tells about the nasal spray, as it serves as more direct route of drug delivery involving the olfactory nerves travelling directly towards the brain. Thus application of gel fused with a chemical levodopa helps in the proper adherence as well as proper transfer of the levodopa drug.

In fact the absorption of the drug using the olfactory system, through the gel yielded better result than that of intra-venous administration of the drug. However, scientists are still working on the dosage aspect of the drug to be used to control the disease completely.

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