NASA to Connect Using Laser Communication

Dec, 2021 - By SMI

NASA to Connect Using Laser Communication

NASA plans to use laser communication to broadcast data from Space O Globe. The laser demonstration would connect with International space station and its plans for LCRD mission.

Laser communication will transfigure about the system of getting information regarding to and from the space. Since ages NASA used to commune with space cadets and space probe using electromagnetic radiation. As space observatory produces and pile up more data the necessity for intensified communication increases. LCRD uses visible radiation instead of electromagnetic radiation to convert and transfer the information back and forth earth. The Laser Communication has much more frequency rate than radio waves, helping engineers to capture more data in single transmission. As its directly proportional that data gathers more information about the space in a single go. The involvement of laser communication into space craft increases the high-speed in internet along with technology using fiber- optic networking.

People naturally find these days that an instant hit on any of the content opens up soon only; this is due to the transmission of data using glass or plastic cables which encloses data using laser light and creating a fast user-interface event. LCRD is a live-stream satellite which elevates the communication with high –sensitivity. LCRD eliminates the use of antennas for users and provides two optical networking systems. One end to receive data from the space probe and the other end to transfer data to earth stations. LCRD’S disk drive interprets digital data into laser signals and transfer the information by encoding the beam of light which can’t be seen by naked eyes. LCRD has two optical ground stations one in Southern California and the other in Hawaii. The data is received by ground stations on the earth and are fit out to telescope to accure light and modes to convert the clipboard light into digital data. The ground stations were chosen based on the climatic conditions as, laser communication needs clear sky, high altitude locations. However, before going into any other mission. LCRD would experiment for couple of years at its respective ground stations.

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