Mirantis has officially released software for cloud-native data centers-as-a-service

Sep, 2021 - By SMI

Mirantis has officially released software for cloud-native data centers-as-a-service

Mirantis recently began to adopt cloud-native development services such as Kubernetes, microservices, and containers for the small firms.

On September 17, the company unveiled various managed open-source services aimed at assisting businesses in managing a cloud-native data center infrastructure, whether the infrastructure is on-premises or on the public cloud. According to CEO of Mirantis, Adrian Ionel, the world's largest companies, especially hyperscalers such as Apple, Facebook, and Netflix, have figured out is how to operate in a hybrid cloud-native environment, but most businesses do not have the resources such as these big organizations. Mirantis Flow aims to integrate the same capabilities that large corporations have into smaller firms. While huge infrastructure cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, have been intended to assist with such challenges, Ionel claims that they are less open-source and perhaps more proprietary. This can result in lock-in, something today's major corporations are anxious to avoid.

The goal is to give a truly open and flexible alternative to the large-scale infrastructure providers while maintaining the exact cloud experience and pace of development. Mirantis manage it by combining a number of open-source solutions into a single service. As part of the equivalent network, the company provides virtualization on top. They also offer CI/CD technology with DevOps as a service, software-defined storage, and software-defined networking, allowing businesses to automate the complete software development cycle. For enterprises concerned about transferring their VMware virtual machines with this solution, Ionel claims that early customers were able to relocate these Virtual machines to the Mirantis solution.

According to a blog posted by the company, the service offers Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis Container Cloud, as well as Mirantis OpenStack. all workloads, whether containerized workloads, or traditional virtual machine workloads, are accessible for relocation to cloud native infrastructure.

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