Microsoft To Re-Open Its Redmond Headquarters on March 2021

Mar, 2021 - By SMI

Microsoft To Re-Open Its Redmond Headquarters on March 2021

Microsoft announced on March 29, 2021, that it will begin opening its headquarters offices in April 2021, and will create a better working environment which will help restore more staff members from all over the world after one year of working remotely during this outbreak.

It's the first official reopening strategy declared by Microsoft, which have kept most staff members on working remotely in the last year. A post on twitter by Microsoft said that their method is research-backed and data-driven. Microsoft have approximately 160,000 employees around the world. Currently, Microsoft workplaces in 21 countries can accommodate extra people, accounting for approximately 20% of their worldwide current workforce. Microsoft will begin making this change at their Redmond, headquarter in Washington, and also in their nearby campuses on March 29. DelBene stated that this hybrid approach will provide flexibility by allowing some staff members to work remotely while trying to bring others back to the office when situation allows. He also explained that in each one of their global working places, the new approach work environment method maintains a balance and it provides some services on the campus for those people who choose to return to the office and also support the other employees who decides to work from home.

The company stated that their goal is to provide staff members with more flexibility, allowing employees to work where they can be comfortable and productive, while also motivating workers to work from household because of the virus and related variants continue to be a concern. DelBene also added that they have been actively watching local health information for weeks and have decided that perhaps the center can efficiently accommodate more staff members. According to a company survey, 54 % of the staff members preferred a "soft open," which allows staff members to spend some time in the work place.

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