Meta Releases Horizon Worlds to The Public

Jan, 2022 - By SMI

Meta Releases Horizon Worlds to The Public

The Oculus team of Meta develops a new virtual reality application to present a glimpse of the metaverse to the public.

Meta has announced that they have been introducing their new virtual reality application, Horizon Worlds. This application introduces an artificial world similar to reality, with lifelike avatars of people using the game. This game can be played by using the Oculus headsets by the players. To use this platform, the user must be 18 years old or older. Qualified users have the privilege of creating their own animated avatar for this platform. These avatars can interact with other avatars and play some games in this reality using Oculus headsets.

Three months ago, the beta version of Horizon World was only available by invitation to some players. To interact in virtual reality, these players used encrypted invites. Later, when the company announces the game to the public, these invites are no longer needed, and every user can utilize this platform for free. The platform of the Horizon worlds is just a teaser of the upcoming metaverse project. This game has the purpose of giving a general idea of the virtual world to regular Meta users and making them aware of the knowledge of augmented reality. This gaming platform will only be used by well-equipped players from now on. This creates an opportunity in the gaming manufacturing sector.

Meta has also added some safety features to this platform for the security of its users. Players can block, mute, and report other players while playing. The players also have the facility to take a break in the middle of the game and resume where they left off.

Meta has invested a large amount of money in this virtual reality technology. They paid US$2.25 billion for Oculus back in 2014.The Company has plans to employ approximately 10,000 people in the development team of the metaverse project. For future projects on the virtual reality platform, the company has been developing devices that can be easily worn on the wrist. For this ambitious project, Horizon Worlds must fulfil the audience’s demands.

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