Lite Apps Can Be More Effective If Made Available Everywhere

Oct, 2022 - By SMI

Lite Apps Can Be More Effective If Made Available Everywhere

Many app developers have created lite versions of their apps. But these apps are limited only to a few range of cheaper models with low storage space and ram.

Android Go, a specially designed operating systems for cheaper, low end mobiles made a way to new version of apps, known as lite. This initiative focused on developing lighter apps which worked on low-ram mobile phones. But most of the app developers have restricted these apps only to a selected few low-income countries or regions. Also most of them only work on mid-range or low end mobile phones and are not made available for premium or flagship models.

The fact is that there are certain situations in which these simpler, less resource, intensive model of an app can be useful to the users of high-end phones. People staying in developed countries, who stay in poor reception areas, or be in middle of a natural calamity may find these versin of apps beneficial for them. Though it doesn’t sound a most controversial hot-take, what’s the point in holding back such handy technology?

Advantage of lite apps is that they are developed to work under any situation such as, slow internet connection, limited mobile data etc. Also these apps consume much less data and storage space from your phone. The most important advantage is that they swallow much less amount of battery in compared to their high-end versions.

But these lite apps have their limitations too. Most of them cut down the features from their original apps. For example Instagram omits features such as AR filters, Live support in its lighter version. But the point is that, if these features are not one’s concern then users shouldn’t be restricted. 

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