LG Launches Masks With Inbuilt Mics and Speakers

Aug, 2021 - By SMI

LG Launches Masks With Inbuilt Mics and Speakers

The new mask is smoother and involves a microphone and speaker unlike the older design, and supposed to be marketed in August 2021.

To make conversation more easy and accessible, LG’s wearable air purifier mask has been updated with a microphone and a speaker. In August this new device will be launched in Thailand followed by the other parts of the world. In 2020, LG was among the very first electronics firm to step into the mask making industry. This mask transfers its PuriCare air purifying technology into a portable device and was careful enough to eliminate the direct references to COVID-19. Basically, the very first version was a HEPA air purifier that an individual can fasten on their face.

The recent update of the appliance is smaller, lighter and attributes several essential new features to resolve a significant issue. The major issue faced by the main device was the major challenge with such an all-encompassing mask. In early reports, voices had been significantly silenced and some customers had to pull the mask down to talk. In order to resolve this, a microphone and a speaker have now been incorporated in the device by LG which amplifies a person’s voice. The firm’s computerized system called VoiceON can recognize the voice of an individual and amplifies it and one can breathe normally when the device is shut down. This does not give the heavy breathing effect. This new edition has also enhanced additional elements of the actual device.

The battery has been enhanced to 1000mA, whereas the total device weight has fallen from 126g to only 94g. However there are no claims or evidences which tells that this mask protects the user from SARS-CoV-2. 99.7% of viral particles were deleted by HEPA filters in the mask. This mask is marketed as an air purifier very wisely. The most recent mask update from LG is not the first electronic face mask to play with the integration of microphone and speaker. Air purifiers are also among the effective ways to reduce virus particles from the air because of COVID-19 within an individual’s residence.

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