LA’s Neighbours Are Reporting A Large Number of COVID Cases

Mar, 2022 - By SMI

LA’s Neighbours Are Reporting A Large Number of COVID Cases

Neighbours of Los Angeles are reporting COVID-19 cases in a large number.

Another 60 Omicron cases are reported by Los Angeles Region as the Omicron variant spreading. Once again Coronavirus is rapidly spreading all over Los Angeles region with the large number of cases reporting which is about triple in just a week. Los Angeles city data describes which neighbour area have seen the most growth of virus recently. According to data the below areas have reported the number of new cases within December 11 and December 17:

  • Encino- 102 cases
  • Woodland Hills- 104 cases
  • Venice- 124 cases
  • Hollywood- 166 cases
  • Sherman Oaks- 186 cases
  • North Hollywood- 189 cases
  • Melrose- 194 cases

The nearby areas that are reporting the large number of cases previous week includes some of the most popular cities as well. The Los Angeles Times reduces the number of new COVID cases each one, giving us another idea of ​​where hotspots with smaller communities are. At the same time according to analysis of Los Angeles Times, Beverly wood, Crestview, Beverly Hills, Beverly Crest and Bel Air do not report high cases in crude numbers, but they report higher number per head. According to times, out of all Los Angeles’ neighbour areas the Wholesale District and the Downtown District had the greatest number of cases per head since previous 14 days, but the data has not yet been uploaded to the city’s website of COVID tracking that shows new cases registered till the weekend.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles region, Hi Vista, Bouquet Canyon, and Acton are the hotspot for recent cases of Omicron variant. It is still not clear that how many of current growth of COVID cases in Los Angeles can be accredited to the Omicron variant. According to the Hills, Delta variant is yet the strong strain in California, but so far most of the Omicron cases in the state have been confirmed in Los Angeles region. The CDC announced on December 20 that it believes 73% of new COVID-19 cases nationwide are of omicron variant.

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