Lack of Vitamin E Might Result In Malformed Brains and Nervous Systems, Study Suggests

Jan, 2021 - By SMI

Lack of Vitamin E Might Result In Malformed Brains and Nervous Systems, Study Suggests

According to a new research study by the researchers of Oregon State University based on the conclusion for women of childbearing age have reported that embryos produced by zebra fish deficient with vitamin E exhibited malformed brains and nervous systems. Zebrafish are small freshwater species and have notable similarity to humans at genetic molecular, and cellular levels, indicating several results are immediately relevant to humans.

Traber, stated, “Why does an embryo need vitamin E? We've been chasing that for a long time. With this newest study we actually started taking pictures so we could visualize: Where is the brain? Where is the brain forming? How does vitamin E fit into this picture? In an embryo, a brain primordium and the neural tube appear early and will form the nervous system and "innervate"—supply with nerves—all organs and body structures. Without vitamin E, the zebrafish embryos showed neural tube defects and brain defects.

Researchers also suggested that crest cells that act similar to stem cells, are vital for the brain and spinal cord and can also be vital for organ systems including the heart and liver. However, lack of this vitamin can result in dysregulated formation of the entire embryo.

Researchers observed that vitamin E-deficient embryos survived for 24 hours and then started to die. They also mentioned in the first six hours the embryos were intact without difference, by 12 hours certain differences were observed but did not kill the animals, and at 24 hours there was significant change.

Researchers also suggested that Vitamin E, is highly beneficial for human and that can be found by oils, such as olive oil. Vitamin E is abundantly present in foods including sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, and avocados.

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