Intake of Best Foods Can Help Promote Mental Health

Jan, 2022 - By SMI

Intake of Best Foods Can Help Promote Mental Health

Consuming some highly nutritious foods can improve concentration, recollection and mental hygiene.

Human body is very active. Usually people say that they are hungry. The fact is; the hungriest organ of the body is brain itself. Brain accounts for 2 percent of body’s total weight. However, brain absorbs 20 percent of the body’s energy required totally. Anyhow, people have a misconception that energy is needed by the body to function smoothly, however it’s not only energy but its filling the plate with complete nutrients in some appropriate quantities that are necessary for a hearty brain. Indications says that lack of some nutrients lead to poor mind and mental hygiene. Moreover, its clearly stated in the life science that nutrition is very essential in human life. Nutrition helps in building a mental health and brain composition.

Everyone is aware of the fact that women in pregnancy needs to take folate, a vitamin essential for the growth of a baby. It’s not only folic acid that brain wants in order to be healthy but along with it brain also needsomega-3 unsaturated fatty acids to create the building blocks of cell-membrane. One such fatty food helping in the development of mind is DHA. It has acid content in it which assists the cell signaling and permitting the brain cell to communicate with efficacy. Unfortunately, body cannot produce DHA naturally, so it is needed to be consumed from a nutritious diet. And DHA content is very high in fatty acids and is found in sea food mainly salmon fish. The consumption of sea food in a higher amount enhances the brain health and cognizable function in children and improvement in oral intelligence. Inadequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids in kids is considered poor, as it leads to poorer reading and learning skills. Lentils, whole meals, green leafy vegetables and some foods which keep the brain and body healthy

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