Instagram Is Soon Getting a New Story Draft Feature

Apr, 2021 - By SMI

Instagram Is Soon Getting a New Story Draft Feature

Instagram Stories is soon getting a free update to save unfinished pictures and stories as draft, allowing people to return to their draft stories and finish them afterward if people desire.

While Instagram claims that this feature is still in the works, photos and videos of how it may look have leaked on the internet. According to the images, Instagram is experimenting some new pop-ups which will help consumers to save their pictures and stories as drafts or remove them and start over with a new story. The social networking site confirmed on Twitter that it is still working on a story draught function.   Instagram wrote in a recent tweet that subscribers will soon be able to use the story draft function to finish their incomplete stories, but no date or even a rough timeline was given. Instagram's Head, Adam Mosseri, also posted on twitter that the story draft function is "coming very soon." According to Mosseri, it is a much requested function by many Instagram subscribers. Soon after Instagram has official announced this new function, tipster Alessandro Paluzzi posted photos and videos of what it may look like.

According to the screenshots, if a person tries to exit while creating a story, Instagram will display a dialogue box with 3 choices. The first option allows users to delete the story and start again. This will delete all past edits to the story, as well as the subscribers will not be able to regain the stories once they press Discard option. The second choice is called 'Save Draft,' which will enables customers to save their story edits as a draft. This will not upload the story, but will save it as a draft for the customer to return so that they can edit it. The third choice is 'Cancel,' which removes the dialog box so that the subscribers can return back to story creation.  After users click the back button on Instagram, they are currently presented with only two choices, Cancel and Discard. As previously stated, the new 'Save Draft' option will be available soon.

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