Instagram Introduces a New Feature for Teen Users’ Safety

Jan, 2022 - By SMI

Instagram Introduces a New Feature for Teen Users’ Safety

The social media platform introduces the Take-A-Break feature for the security of teenage users' data.

Instagram, the meta-owned social media platform, has introduced its new ‘Take-A-Break’ feature in its application. This feature initiates the plan for young users to manage their time spent on the application. This feature acts as the parental control feature of televisions. Along with that, Instagram launched a few other features to provide teen safety on the platform.

The ‘Take-A-Break’ feature alerts the user to monitor their time spent on the application and restrains excessive usage of the application. After allowing the feature to turn on, the application will send users a reminder to control their usage if they have been utilizing the app for too long. To prevent extra data usage, teenage users can set reminders for this feature. This feature has been launched in its initial phase for the American, European, and Australian markets. By next year, this feature will be introduced to other regions.

This feature has been introduced as an initial extension of the user’s activity setting. This allows users to observe their activities on the application. Instagram also presented this feature only to focus on their teenage users, to manage their digital activity on the platform. This feature allows users to delete the posts, likes, and comments from the app in bulk.

Instagram is also developing another feature that focuses on its young user database. This feature prevents strangers from anonymously tagging or mentioning young users in unwanted content. The same type of feature has been tested on the chatbox section of Instagram earlier and has been recorded as a great success. The explore section of the platform is also going to introduce a suggestion option for the topics to browse on the user’s feed. These features will be implemented after testing in January.

The platform has been taking an initiative towards the prevention of cyberbullying. After these features are developed, the platform will enable parental control of the application. This provides concern to parents about monitoring the digital activities of their wards. These parents can also receive alerts if their children report something on the app. This feature has been created for teenagers to explore their social media securely and prevent them from being cyber-bullied.

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