Instagram Announces to Shut down its Messaging App, Threads

Dec, 2021 - By SMI

Instagram Announces to Shut down its Messaging App, Threads

Threads, the private messaging app for Instagram, will be closed down by December 2021

By the end of the year 2021, Instagram has shut down its messaging app Threads, with some new upgrades that are going to be introduced into the main platform. In an interview with TechCrunch, Meta has given the green signal to close down the messaging platform. The notice regarding its closure will be displayed on the application onwards November 23rd.

Threads share the same concept as Facebook Messenger, which allows users to send and receive their messages from Instagram into a separate messaging platform outside of the main application. This platform certainly had a great collection of unconventional features, which concludes by showing the auto-generated status that the app sets for users based on their phone’s activity. All accessories will be going to be introduced into the main platform of Instagram after the shutdown.

Lately, Meta is in a way to merge all of its messaging sub-divisions into a single main platform. Their prime platforms, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, both support cross-platform connections. Furthermore, the organization has plans to include WhatsApp into this mainstream platform also. The platform of Threads messaging app doesn’t mainly connect with the company’s other messaging platforms.

The audience response towards Threads was not so good, to begin with. Instagram already possesses the messaging platform on their main app, so users were trying to avoid installing Threads, solely to message from their Instagram profile. In 2020, the app had only two hundred thousand active users, which was not so satisfying number of users compared to Instagram’s active users. Last year, Meta conducted several new experiments on the platform; they tried to reprogram the entire app and expanded their limited access from the “close friends” list to all users. All these kinds of changes were not enough to hike the active user percentage.

Instagram had not yet confirmed the details to the public about whichever new features are going to merge into the main platform. Tech blogger Alessandro Paluzzi first published the blog describing the mediocre performance of Threads.

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