Innovative High-Speed and Green Airships Powered by Hydrogen for Cargo Transport

Feb, 2022 - By SMI

Innovative High-Speed and Green Airships Powered by Hydrogen for Cargo Transport

Hydrogen-powered airships that uses no fossil fuels claims to accelerate commercialization in the near future

An aerospace and alternative energy company, H2 Clipper is bringing back the high-speed and affordable hydrogen airships technology to unlock the cargo transport. This green intercontinental cargo carrier can transport 8 to 10 times the payload and over 6,000 miles, compared to any other cargo plane, at a reasonable price. The hydrogen-powered airship is capable enough to carry payloads up to 150,000 kg and would go the extra mile, which is up to 7,530 cubic meters of cargo space. Although it would not travel as fast as a plane at about 282 km/h, it could move boxes 7-10 times faster than a boat with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Due to its efficiency of vertical landing and take-off, the airship could also load goods directly from a factory to a distribution center without involving any additional stages of ground transport from the airport. The propulsion system of the airship is fully electric and efficient to operate from under 804km to over 9,650 km. Moreover, the company displays that the top of this aircraft is covered in photovoltaic cells, and theoretically, these cells could enable the aircraft to generate its own hydrogen, only if it carries a water source and an electrolyzer.  

Renewable energy companies around the globe are leveraging the decarbonization technologies and diving deep into the options of alternative energy sources such as green hydrogen to offer a cleaner and efficient advancement in the sphere of transportation, energy-efficient appliances, and many more. Investors in the field of alternative energy sources have plenty of stake in the result, as along with developing potential markets for the hydrogen-powered technology, they also believe in re-establishing its image in the market. H2 Clippers present next to no risk to human life as initially the airship would be piloted and eventually become autonomous. In transport logistics, this airship would act as a functional middle ground, economical than planes, faster than goods carrier ships, and would exhibit eminent flexibility, in terms of operation.

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