India Battles With COVID-19 and Black Fungus Infection at The Same Time

May, 2021 - By SMI

India Battles With COVID-19 and Black Fungus Infection at The Same Time

The black fungus infection is a potentially fatal infection. Many states of India have reported individuals suffering from this fungus amidst the second wave of COVID-19 infection in India.

Public health officials of India recently reported patients suffering from black fungus infection. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) report stated that increasing cases of mucormycosis is being observed in vulnerable patients as well as those who have been tested COVID-19 positive. Although India has not released national data on the number of mucormycosis cases, but it was reported that there is no major outbreak of the same.

The fungal infection, mucormycosis, has a mortality rate of 50% and is believed to impact individuals with decreased immune system functionality, individuals with diabetes, cancer, and individuals suffering from HIV. People suffering from mucormycosis show symptoms such as blackened nose, blurred vision, coughing with blood, and breathing issues. Currently, while India is facing a second wave of COVID-19, the vulnerable immune system of COVID-19 positive and COVID-19 affected patients may have created a possible scenario for the fungal infection to spread. The statistics of Maharashtra in 2021 indicated that at least 200 patients who had recovered through COVID-19 had been infected with mucormycosis, out of which eight patients succumbed to the infection.

In the state of Gujarat and Delhi, the local governments have also reported patients suffering from the fungal infection. Individuals with comorbidities such as diabetes are said to be in a higher risk of this infection due to their compromised immune systems. It is advised that such people should avoid areas around construction sites or around dust. They should also avoid contact with building damaged with water. People who are in contact with soil on a day-to-day basis are advised to use gloves to protect themselves from contact with soil or water. People are also advised to keep washing their hands with soap and water at regular intervals. Although not everyone is susceptible to fungal infections, it is advised to keep oneself in a protected environment.

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