In The Most Recent COVID Variant, A Dreaded Side Effect Rears Its Ugly Head

Sep, 2022 - By SMI

In The Most Recent COVID Variant, A Dreaded Side Effect Rears Its Ugly Head

The worldwide caseload for extended COVID may have approached 560 million this summer if the same rate were to apply to the entire planet, which there is no reason to think it doesn't.

With a million new cases globally per day in July, the number of infections caused by BA.5 throughout the summer has likely increased significantly since then.

Nash and his crew were taken aback by the fact that not every individual is at risk for long-term COVID. According to the CUNY team, women and young individuals are more prone to contract lengthy COVID. Nash said that the former might be explained by older individuals' and seniors' greater immunization rates. The latter, though, is still a mystery. He remarked, "Further research of these populations may offer some hints concerning risk factors.

One open topic that researchers and health officials could be attempting to address is why there is a sex disparity in long-term COVID risk. Additionally, they could be developing fresh vaccination plans and public health messages, particularly for extended COVID.

But generally speaking, Nash said, they aren't doing anything to address the possibility of persistent problems. Despite the COVID outbreak being over three years old, the majority of the authorities' attention is still on averting hospitalizations and deaths—and nothing else.

Nash noted that there is a significant degree of long COVID among persons who have only experienced moderate or less severe SARS-CoV-2 infections, adding that "exclusively focusing on these outcomes might possibly make the long COVID situation worse."

Long COVID is a quiet problem in that regard. One that might have an impact on almost half a billion people yet isn't a top priority for research or public health initiatives. The Daily Beast was informed by Cindy Prins, an epidemiologist at the University of Florida, "It's great to preserve lives, but quality of life is really important, too—and that might be absent in patients who have extended COVID."

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