Hobbies Play A Crucial Role In Distressing and Calming Of Mind

Dec, 2022 - By SMI

Hobbies Play A Crucial Role In Distressing and Calming Of Mind

A research done by an author has found that hobbies play a vital part in leading towards a healthy mental life.

Dr. Ken Duckworth chief medical officer of the National Alliance on Mental Illness  is working on his new book. He interviewed 130 people who were suffering from mental health issues. He found a common fact among his interviewees. Most of them used various hobbies to tackle their stress and mental health related problems.

While conducting the interviews, he asked a person to perform his hobby. The interviewee began drumming and found that the rhythm helped his mind to calm down. Another one engaged himself in Baseball cards while other one enjoyed his favourite rock band.
Duckworth in his conclusion stated that, “Engaging in activities, particularly ones that help you feel connected to something, a mission, community, a belief system, are really valuable for people’s mental health overall,” A study has also found that when people were locked into their homes due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic, many of them started to develop a hobby in order to keep themselves engaged.

So what actually defines a hobby? In straight forward words a hobby is nothing but a pursuit other than one’s daily duties. In an age of hustle people running behind their career goals, hobbies are vanishing from our daily routines.
Learning a hobby which we enjoy and sticking to it, is the way to create new pathways in brain. This helps in diminishing the feeling of lack of motivation, which is a common reason of depression.

A hobby can help a person reveal his identity and teach him that he is not tied only to his work. While selecting a hobby one should only keep in mind that instead of going behind the trends, find out what really enlightens one’s mind.

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