Highest Flu Cases Reported In U.S In A Decade, System Are Under Pressure

Dec, 2022 - By SMI

Highest Flu Cases Reported In U.S In A Decade, System Are Under Pressure

In U.S., flu hospitalizations at its peak in a decade compared to other year at this time of the year.

In U.S., the number of cases of flu hospitalization has been rising at an alarming and thus has become a major cause of concern among the physicians. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have advised to take the flu jab to those who have not yet taken it. It reported that 4500 people died because of influenza this season, which includes 14 children. It is being said no one below 18years should die of flue in this season of 2021-2022. In the month of November, testing was carried out widely in the clinical labs and so more tests reported more number of cases of flu. CDC stated that the hospital system was under tremendous pressure and stress as maximum numbers of patients were suffering from respiratory illness, including COVID-19.

This season it is being noticed that the hospitalizations due to flu are as high as four times as they as compared to other years. As per CDC reports, the rate of hospitalization was around 17 per 100,000 people. The reason of the high rate of hospitalization is their connection with other respiratory illnesses. Last few years, due to COVID, we have maintained all the necessary precaution like masking ourselves, maintaining social distancing, and also hand hygiene. We have taken care of ourselves. So, exposures to the viruses were also less. But later on, as the preventive measures got lifted up, we hardly to mask ourselves. Alongside, medical shortages and staff shortages also became addition reason of worry.

This flu surge can be still controlled if people who have lost the opportunity of getting vaccinated get the flu shots done immediately. By getting vaccinated, we prevent ourselves from spreading the illness to people around us and thus prevent it. Our health should not be a reason of impacting the health of other people at large.


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