Heath Benefits of Iron in Food

Dec, 2021 - By SMI

Heath Benefits of Iron in Food

Iron plays an important role in daily life and provides many essential nutrients for healthy living.

Iron is very helpful in the formation of hemoglobin, the minim that transfers and carry oxygen all over the body. Iron must be engrossed by everyone as it cannot be generated inside the body. Inadequacy of iron in body may lead to several diseases such as anemia, exhaustion, paleness and emphysematous. Deficiency of ion is mostly found in women due to the menarche. Doctors suggest that women should consume 18 mg of iron during the menstrual cycle daily and 8 mg post the cycle. Men are also advised to include 8 mg of iron in their daily diet. Lack of vitamin A leads to many adverse effects of health; it leads to disorders and chronic diseases such as nephropathy, abdominal disorder. Hematin’s presence in animal protein is highly rich in iron which lacks in plants.

Vegans are also likely to be effected by the deficiency of iron due to the absence of hematin in their diet. Red meat and beef of other animals are rich in iron. Shell fish has varied nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and proteins. Three crumbs of oyster gives 8 mg of iron. Octopus, abalone, escalope, mollusk are rich in iron. Shell fish is a rich source of vitamin C. Consuming bran based breakfast helps in attaining iron. Cereals provide 19.6 mg of iron. Combining breakfast bran with fruits are sky high in vitamin C. Kiwi and western dewberry elevates the degree of iron the body. Spinach, a healthy plant based vegetable gives plenty of nutrients involving folate and other vitamins such as vitamin B and A, fiber, protein and surplus iron. A cup of spinach contains 6.5 mg of iron. Manioc is known as a grain, in fact it’s a seed; quinoa is rich in iron as compared to rest of the amino acids. 

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