Harker EDC Ready to Hit the Tracks

Jul, 2021 - By SMI

Harker EDC Ready to Hit the Tracks

Harker advertises the EDC shell and the potential customers are free to add variety of new features.

Utah’s Harker Outdoors has an affordable RV substitute, ready for traveling and camping. The EDC (Expedition Driven Camper) is like a Sahara cap for a truck which is light topper for buyers to use over their heads as a simple roof or transform it into an off road mini-car. It forgoes the constrained entry cost of other RVs from under U.S. $8,000. One of the easiest and fastest way to transform a pickup truck into a light camper is through pop-up pickup toppers. They are suitable with medium size collection units such as the Toyota Tacoma and the Jeep Gladiator, trucks which have no payload for the most conventional pick-up camper. The tops of the truck are securely rolling the rail bed in the interior architecture, saving weight, price and material instead of coming in as a fully shelled unit with floor.

The Harker EDC is very much similar to other pickup toppers of the wedge style, for example the AT Overland Summit or Vagabond Drifter, if it is closed down. Assembling it completely, it can turn into a bigger emerging tent that hangs like a magnificent mullet ending behind the vehicle. The EDC lock hatch door over the truck door removes the truck door entirely and optionally attaches it as a work surface on the side of the truck, not simply flipping up or turning to the side. This lifts the way for an extension hoop to pull the tent out and bring the tent fabric across the back of the truck as a small marker.

Harker is located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah to the north of Salt Lake City and designs its campers to explore its tough highland countryside around its headquarters and the surrounding area. Harker also provides personalized bed building to build more fully fledged campers. The company said that it would market a package equipped with a complete electricity for approximately U.S. $19,000, excluding a base truck.

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