Google Terminates its Connection With OnHub Routers

Mar, 2022 - By SMI

Google Terminates its Connection With OnHub Routers

OnHub-branded routers will not support the Google platform at the end of 2022.

The tech giant, Google has announced that they are not going to support OnHub routers by TP-Link and Asus. Google has been providing a platform to these devices before their flagship product, Pixel smartphones. Google wants to pivot their Wi-Fi platform towards their new Google Nest devices.

Since August 2015, Google has been running its software on TP-Link routers. This software has been featuring a satellite dish using a front-facing antenna installed on the router. This feature delivers wireless internet waves on a higher frequency to cover more ground. Later in October 2015, Asus also developed the same device working on a similar schematic. This device contains some additional features and has a different physical design. Furthermore, the Google Wi-Fi platform has been introduced to the audience. Over these years, all these products developed various upgrades in their devices. Meanwhile, the TP-Link wireless devices got various versions of outer bodies designed by Google’s designer studios. These models also supported the home speaker feature in it. These versions are widely received by users worldwide.

Since the beginning of this partnership, much more development has happened in technology. So, Google decided to utilize their technology in their Nest devices. This move in the plan has been made to reduce the competition and to widen the market for nest devices. The company had delivered an email consisting of their new policies regarding the termination of their support of the Google platform to the OnHub routers by December 19th, 2022. Therefore, the users can exchange their current devices with new google devices.

Google had recommended that users should upgrade their new Wi-Fi router as soon as possible. They had offered an almost 40% discount on their new Nest Wi-Fi routers in exchange for the OnHub router. This offer is available until March 31st, 2022. After December 19th, 2022, the OnHub routers of TP-Link and Asus will not be controlled by the Google Home application. The users have to find another third-party application to control these routers.

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