Google Developing New Virtual Reality Glasses for The Metaverse

Mar, 2022 - By SMI

Google Developing New Virtual Reality Glasses for The Metaverse

After the failure of previous digital glasses, the tech giant is ready to launch a new prototype to a new audience.

In 2013, Google created a prototype of digital glasses. The product was poorly received by the audience at that time. The prototype had the feature of showing time and date on the screen of the glasses. Then these glasses were only available for the limited userbase. The company found out the lack of technological advancement in the field of digital reality at that period caused the poor market performance of the product. Now that augmented reality technology has developed its market, the company has decided to jump back into the game. The developers at Google are already designing the prototype for the new virtual reality glasses.

The new design team for the Google glasses has been led by Mark Lucovsky. Mark previously worked at Oculus as a General Manager. He posted about the product that he is leading the developing team for Google glasses. The team aims to work on this project from the basic level of development. The team is initially responsible to deliver a high-end device that will provide users with an exponential experience. The company is expanding the team to make a device that can easily handle an augmented reality OS.

Google has intentions to join the upcoming metaverse and expand its userbase. The company is still unclear about the end design of the product. It is not revealed to the general public that this device has been built on the previous model of Google glasses or it has a completely new design. The users are predicting that the device will be supported by the Android and Linux operating systems. Although the previous model worked on the Android system, the team is expanding its userbase. The company is also developing a platform to support the fuchsia operating system of its own. The google headset will also support various third-party apps. The company might reveal its new scheme in the upcoming CES 2022.

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