Fitness Band Use Is Beneficial For One's Health As Well As Fashion

Aug, 2022 - By SMI

Fitness Band Use Is Beneficial For One's Health As Well As Fashion

The notion that fitness trackers, pedometers, and smart watches encourage people to exercise more and lose weight has been supported by new research from Australian researchers, which supports the belief of millions of people worldwide.

Fitness trackers, which strengthen the heart, are the article's main focus today rather than obesity. The research findings, which were published on July 20, 2022 in The Lancet Digital Health, highlight the importance of limited treatments in the fight against the rising tide of chronic conditions. High cholesterol, cerebrovascular disease, high blood sugar, cancer, and mental illness are all partially brought on by inactivity. Although wearable activity trackers (WAT) are popular. There is significant doubt regarding their efficacy, veracity, and, whether they support eating disorders and obsessive behaviours according to researcher and UniSA Ph.D. candidate Ty Ferguson. However, the evidence is largely positive.

With the help of wearable activity trackers, one may increase daily walking by up to 40 minutes which over the course of five months will result in a 1 kg weight loss on average. The overall findings from the studies are analysed to demonstrate that wearable activity trackers are efficient for extended periods of time and across all age groups. It motivates people to work out frequently, to include it in their routine, and to establish weight loss objectives. The number of wearable activity trackers supplied globally increased by about 1500% between 2014 and 2020, resulting in an increase in demand for WAT of $2.8 billion in 2020.

Fitness trackers may help people with type 2 diabetes and other medical conditions lower their blood pressure and cholesterol, according to some studies. Moreover to the increased physical activity and weight loss associated with WATs. The WATs' improvement of sadness and anxiety through an increase in physical activity is the other acknowledged advantage.

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