Few Drinking Habits One Need to Eliminate

Jun, 2022 - By SMI

Few Drinking Habits One Need to Eliminate

One has to get rid of few drinking habits in order to get rid of blood sugar in the body says dietitians

Before one consumes those aerated and cold drinks one need to keep in mind the adverse effects of those drinks. Diabetes is one of the dangerous silent diseases that may trigger one and increase the blood sugar levels in the body and lead to diabetes or prediabetes. They do not out show the symptoms so early however is very harmful for the health. The CDC also states that there more than 96 million people in America who have diabetes and 80% people who have prediabetes. A1C, oral glucose tolerance test are some of teste one can do to check whether they have diabetes or not. Type 2 diabetes is very dangerous as it can harm the entire body and destroy the kidney, eyes, heart and blood vessels. If one is doubting about the diabetes then have to look after the drinking habits and pattern one follows.

The foods that can lead to the increase in diabetes are high carbohydrate foods, high sugar, added sugar desserts, white bread and processed food. The first habit one needs to eradicate from the daily life to either decrease diabetes or to stop the elevation of diabetes are one should stop drinking soda or sweet tea. These soda and sweet tea are the sweetened beverages that are not good the sugar levels of the body. It was also found that people who consumed a lot of these types of drinks were noticed to be developing blood sugar by 26%. Drinking special coffees, such as black coffee or any other coffee are very beneficial for the health however are considered to be harmful when they are loaded with cream. Drinking frozen drinks during a sunny day and drinking milk-based smoothies and moreover consuming alcohol is advised to eliminate so as to get away from the diabetes or high blood sugar.

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