Fermented Soybeans May Help In Tackling Asthma

Nov, 2021 - By SMI

Fermented Soybeans May Help In Tackling Asthma

Researchers found that fermented soybean products in diet help to ease airway inflammation related to asthma in mice model.

A team of scientists from Osaka City University discovered that a fermented soybean known as ImmuBalance is efficient to supress the inflammation of airway caused by asthma. It was observed that the food supplement acts on key cells in the bronchi to supress the inflammation adding to the ways of managing the disease without the need of steroid inhalants. According to the study published in the journal Nutrients on September 26, 2021, the soy diet also reduces mucus production in the bronchial epithelium.

The scientists investigated the link between soy consumption and allergic diseases, which suggests soy components may possess anti-allergic effects. The team experimented on asthma mouse models by providing them diet that included fermented soy product known as ImmuBalance and a control group of mice with normal diet. The researchers observed that mice group on soy diet had drastic reduction of white blood cells related to asthma and are known as eosinophlis as well as there was reduction in inflammation and mucus production in the bronchi. Moreover, the team also noticed the reduction in antibodies and proteins that are linked to inflammation compared to the control group of mice.

According to the scientists, the imbalance in the gut microbiota could be contributing to immune system and allergic diseases and the fermented dietary fiber could be beneficial in allergic mouse models of asthma. The study needs more work to explore the effects of this soy diet on humans with asthma. Furthermore, the team states that asthma is primarily treated with steroid inhalants that are known to have harmful side effects. However, this research shows, the consumption of soybean products should be advised as an additional coping approach to treat asthma without having much of side effects.

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