Exposure to Deep Infrared Light Recovers Weakening Eyesight

Dec, 2021 - By SMI

Exposure to Deep Infrared Light Recovers Weakening Eyesight

New study revealed that a 3-minute exposure to longwave deep red light every week improves deteriorating vision and gives long-lasting effects.

After investigating a previous study, the researchers from University College London confirmed that exposing eyes to infrared light for 3 minutes per week improves color contrast vision, and effects of this treatment lasts for a long time. The study published in the journal Scientific Reports on November 24, 2021, investigated a research from last year of scientists from the same university, which reported that brief exposure of eyes to a deep red 670nm light beam every day for two weeks improved eye sight in elderly participants.

In this new study, the scientists selected 20 participants to further investigate the effects infrared light on mitochondrial functions in human eyes. The team exposed the subjects to 670nm deep red light for three minutes between 8 am and 9 am, and measured their vision with a test called Chroma test that assesses color contrast. The scientists observed that there was 17% improvement in chroma test scores long after the exposure to the red light. In elderly participants, the improvement was more than 20% and the effects of the therapy lasted at least one week.

Further, the team conducted the same test in a smaller group after few months. In this tests, the subjects were put under exposure of deep red light in the early afternoon. However, they detected zero improvement, which suggested that circadian cycles played an important role in the response of mitochondria to the deep red light. The researchers cautiously pointed out the huge variation in improvement of vision observed between subjects in the study. As the exact variables that could be driving the success of the treatment are unknown, the study needs further work with larger cohorts to determine that for whom this treatment will be suitable.

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