Early Stroke May Be Predicted By Blood Type

Jan, 2023 - By SMI

Early Stroke May Be Predicted By Blood Type

As per a study, stroke before 60 can be linked to a person’s blood type.

There are certain chemicals found on our red blood cells which decides the blood type. These chemicals are called antigen and antibodies. A and B antigen respectively makes A and B blood group. When A and B antigens come together then it creates AB type blood group and the absence of both the antigens makes O type. When all the blood types were compared then people with A blood type appeared to be more prone to suffer a stroke at an early age. This study was published in Neurology.

Information was gathered by the researchers from 48 genetic studies. The participants in the research aged between 18 to 59 years. In this study it was found that those with A blood type were at 16% more risk of suffering from stroke before the age of 60 than any other blood type. People with blood type O have 12% lesser chance to have stroke at an early age.

The reason of blood type A being at higher risk is still not known to the researchers. As per Steven Kittner who is a senior author and vascular neurologist, it is most likely due to the cells and platelets which are blood-clotting factors. The blood vessels and other circulating proteins as well are lined by cells and platelets and all of these are major factors in developing blood clots. A study says that 80% of the strokes are preventable. Stokes can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food habits, regular exercising and getting adequate sleep can prevent stroke to a large extent. Moreover, the current research on blood type could introduce new methods of predicting and preventing an early stroke in young adults.

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