Double Masking Effective To Prevent Coronavirus Infection, Experts Suggest

May, 2021 - By SMI

Double Masking Effective To Prevent Coronavirus Infection, Experts Suggest

Layering masks can reduce chances of infection by up to 85-95% if done in the correct way, scientists suggest.

Masks prove to be our best tool of defense in decreasing the risk of getting infected by the COVID-19. Nowadays, when newer strains are said to be a lot more contagious and easily spreadable, experts suggest people to wear double masks and layer up to prevent chances of catching the virus. Double masking can make a lot of difference in tackling Covid-19 as the chances of infection are lowered by 85-90 percent.

This was also advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its workings have been confirmed after studies. Researchers say that wearing double masks would not only strengthen the protection but also lessen the severity rates by up to 85-95%. It could prove to be beneficial especially if you work in high risk environments such as places with poor ventilation, public transportation, crowded markets, and hospitals.

However, it is important to mask up in the correct way so that it provides maximum protection without suffocating the person. While double masking its crucial to layer a cloth mask on top of a surgical one so that it provides a proper snug fit. I'll also prevent air leakage and collection of particles. Two good quality masks that minimize the gaps and fit great with each other can also be used, according to experts. Various layers work to protect the face from virus containing droplets.

Outer mask should push the edges of the inner surgical mask against the face, recommends CDC. A double mask should not let the air escape rather it should push in according to the air flow. No two similar kinds of mask should be worn together (such as surgical over a surgical). N-95 masks should not be layered over another kind.

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