Covid-19 Leads to Dementia

Apr, 2022 - By SMI

Covid-19 Leads to Dementia

Dementia, cognitive disorders and other mental health issues are cause due to Covid-19 creating difficulties

Various studies stated that Covid-19 is a huge problem which after being cured also leaves some or the other severe symptoms active in the patient for a longer period of time. Such links also found that this pandemic has created huge havoc in lives of people by increasing mental health problems and several other health related issues. Most people who were effected with this virus in the first wave itself found to be on a higher risk of dementia and many neurological disorders. And it was common in most of the people who had been a victim of corona virus. The experts and the surgeons had to look after and take measures that could help people become less effective of dementia. The study included several people’s medical history that recorded that people who were affected with dementia or several cognitive health impairments had no ill effects previously. Many had no family history who had been prone to any mental health disorders or precognitive disorders.

Neither people had any problems such as cancer, cardiac problems or any other problems related to liver, kidney and others. The researchers have found that uninfected problems who have completed their diagnosis and follow up with physicians out of which some had severe disorder problems and some did not have any problems. The one who had problems were found to be having low levels of oxygen, higher respiratory problems, low body mass index and a frequency that combines the illness of hypertension and mellitus. At a regular follow up when people were diagnosed at were questioned it stated that people had mild cognitive symptoms.  The problems rose to a height and lead to the dementia and cognitive disorders respectively. The method of eliminating disorder was divided into several sessions to cope up with the disease.   

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