Consuming Proteins Helps to Build Healthy Muscles

Mar, 2022 - By SMI

Consuming Proteins Helps to Build Healthy Muscles

Proteins are already known as body building foods which build muscles and makes the body strong.

There are some protein rich foods which needs to be consumed by people on a daily basis. Whenever people have seen any body builder or any gymnast might have understood that protein is the main factor for their strength. Protein is very essential nutrient needed for the body and for the proper working of the catabolism in the body. Proteins actually increase the catabolism rate by 15 to 30% as the body needs much calories to even assimilate the food. Thus, health experts and dieticians recommend to involve much of protein source in the food they consume. The RDN says that, 0.8 grams of protein is needed to be consumed by the body for each kilogram of human weight. So for a person of about 150 kg’s 68 grams of protein is needed to be consumed on a daily basis. It is also recommended to consume the RDA of protein carefully as it should help in building muscles rather than break down of it.

ISSN even suggests to consume 1.4 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram. There are many foods that have various proteins, some foods such as vegetables are rich in proteins and contain several amino acids. If one truly wants to increase the protein content of the body, then should include some foods in daily diet. Chicken bakes are the first protein rich food to be added in diet. Chicken is a very rich source of protein. Serving baked chicken weekly once by combining them with veggies make it more delicious. Chili is one of the pleasing food served with chicken beef, beans, legumes provide lot of proteins. Rice and manioc having near about 8 grams of protein serve many benefits. A bowl of soup packed with all the vegetables provide high benefits of protein.

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