Consuming Green -Leafy Vegetables Mitigates Migraine Problem

Dec, 2021 - By SMI

Consuming Green -Leafy Vegetables Mitigates Migraine Problem

Study reveals that eating green vegetables keep us healthy and even reduces the risk of migraine symptoms.

Having vegan diet could improve mental health. A recent stated that consuming vegan food rich in magnesium and fatty acids of omega-3 helps people get rid of long-term migraine. Dark green veggies such as parsley, cress green, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli are nutrient-rich and can help us fight against those symptoms. Doctors say that medicines, and natural therapies such as consuming dark chocolates, coffee, dry fruits, nuts even performing yoga and exercise regularly didn’t show any improvement in case of severe headaches due to migraine severely. The first prodrome migraine shows is its intensity in a particular side of the neural system. The pulsation of headaches remains for almost three days. Migraine even results in vulnerability towards noise and light. A slight disturbance or loud noise can even elevate their pain and may lead the symptoms for a longer period.

Migraines are intermittent, they can be less than 15 days or 30 days either chronic which may lead to the symptoms for more than a month. Sometimes the migraine pain lasts for 8 days a month in case of severity; whereas migraine is said to be chronic when it attacks 18 to 24 the symptoms lasts almost 72 hours carrying the impacts of vomiting, runny nose and reactive towards the sound and light, the pain starts from forehead and continues to spread towards a side of the head. Doctors stated that consuming food containing low-nutrient diet such as sweet potatoes can be the exposure for such pains. Intake of whole grains, food containing presence of high starch, dairy products should be avoided to get rid of migraine. Eating green veggies could stop being prone to the migraine attacks. Intake of egg whites, beta carotene, and iced-tea are helpful in reduction of migraine attacks. Having a life diet can bid a bye to migraine.

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