Considerable Increase In Children Going To Emergency Rooms For Suicidal Attempts

Dec, 2022 - By SMI

Considerable Increase In Children Going To Emergency Rooms For Suicidal Attempts

A recent research claims that there is steady increase in the number of children admitted to emergency rooms due to suicidal thoughts.

Meaning of life is one of the toughest things to be understood. There are often sad moments or downfalls in life. But some people do not understand that though these conditions are irresistible they are temporary. This misinterpretation of life results into suicidal attempts. Teenagers are not fully experienced to life or not that matured to bear the stress and pressure of life. So suicidal thoughts are quite often seen in teenagers.

A study was published in Journal Pediatrics which used data from different hospitals about the patients admitted and the reason behind it. The study stated that there is steady increase in number of children admitted to the emergency room for suicidal attempts. The researchers made this conclusion on analysing the data of children aged 5 to 19, which were admitted to hospitals for suicide in between January 2016 to June 2021. The study puts a figure of 81051 admissions of young people between the stated period. This rise in suicidal attempts has also brought record high demand for psychological services for children.

Dr. Audrey Brewer thinks that the actual numbers may be much bigger than what the study puts forward. Most of the children who were admitted for suicidal attempts were suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression or were involved in substance use. Other major issues like online bullying and pressure created due to social media are also surprisingly popular reasons of suicidal attempts.

Dr. Brewer suggest that there is need to develop places which are socially safer for children to grow up and parents need to really detect and focus on the traumatic issues their child is experiencing.

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