Coca Cola Introduces a New Bottle Made From 100% Plant-Based Ingredients

Nov, 2021 - By SMI

Coca Cola Introduces a New Bottle Made From 100% Plant-Based Ingredients

According to a recent update, coca cola brings its first ever bottle made from 100 percent plant-based sources

Plastic bottles are a significant contributor to the climate crisis. Coca cola is working to make all its packaging more sustainable. The coca cola company’s sustainable packaging journey crosses a major milestone this time. The company aims to replace the PTA component with plant-based pet for entire range of pet plastic bottles. Coca cola collaborates with tech partners to create a bottle prototype made from 100% plant-based ingredients as the world’s first recyclable plastic bottle. The bottle is designed and developed to be 100% plant-based bottle and expected to be fully recyclable.

Coca cola plant bottle packaging is the first-ever fully recyclable pet plastic beverage bottle made from up to 30 percent plant-based material. The other 70 percent was made from terephthalic acid (PTA) derived from oil-based sources. The bottles prototype is made by combining sugars converted from plant-based monoethylene glycol (bMEG), and plant-based paraxylene (BPX) which, in turn, has been converted to plant-based terephthalic acid.  This is the first beverage packaging material resulting from plant-based paraxylene produced at demonstration scale.

Coca cola says that they are dedicated to delivering more eco-friendly packaging and sustainable solutions globally. This company and its bottling partners are taking a hard look at the packaging they use and how they can drive change. The sustainable packaging strategy aims to create systemic change through a circular economy for their packaging - from how bottles and cans are designed and manufactured to how they’re recycled and reused. They have a responsibility to help and solve the global plastic waste crisis, and they were leveraging their scale and reach across markets to reach the sustainability goals, suppress waste pollution, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

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