Caffeine Consumption during Pregnancy Associated With Negative Pregnancy Outcomes, Study Suggests

Nov, 2020 - By SMI

Caffeine Consumption during Pregnancy Associated With Negative Pregnancy Outcomes, Study Suggests

According to an observational study by the researchers have suggested that women who are pregnant or women trying for a baby should not intake any amount of caffeine, as caffeine during pregnancy linked with negative outcomes. It is evident that caffeine is the most widely consumed beverage across the globe including pregnant women, who also consume it on a regular basis. Earlier pregnant women were advised that there won’t be any consequences or no harm to baby if small amount of caffeine is consumed on a regular basis. However, this study focused on caffeine-related pregnancy outcomes, to define whether the previously recommended safe level of consumption of caffeine by pregnant women is precise.

In this study, researchers focused on 48 original observational studies and meta-analyses related to caffeine consumption during pregnancy that was published in the past and provided results for six major negative pregnancy outcomes, which include miscarriage, childhood acute leukemia, low birth weight, stillbirth, preterm birth, and childhood overweight and obesity.

Moreover, researchers also suggested that majority of the observational studies reported that caffeine significantly augmented risk for negative pregnancy outcomes. This risk was moderate to high levels for all pregnancy outcomes excluding preterm birth. Additionally, 11 studies reported that caffeine intake by pregnant and would-be mothers were associated majorly with 4 adverse outcome including miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, and childhood acute leukemia.

Professor James stated, “There is "substantial cumulative evidence" of an association between maternal caffeine consumption and diverse negative pregnancy outcomes, specifically miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight and/or small for gestational age, childhood acute leukemia and childhood overweight and obesity, but not preterm birth. Current health recommendations concerning caffeine consumption during pregnancy are in need of ‘radical revision’. Specifically, the cumulative scientific evidence supports pregnant women and women contemplating pregnancy being advised to avoid caffeine”.

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