Brown Noise Is The New Buzz On Social Media

Dec, 2022 - By SMI

Brown Noise Is The New Buzz On Social Media

Many users have claimed on social media that brown noise is effective in meditation, relax feeling and aids sleep.

There is a lot of research made on how music affects our mind and body. Many studies claim that music is highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, maintaining blood pressure and increasing mental awareness and memory. But so far, comparatively less research is done focusing the relationship between music and sleep. The relation between a sound and sleep dates back to centuries ago. Even the lullabies sung to put a child to sleep are not new. But nowadays a special concept of brown noise is into talks on social media. People are claiming that this particular type of sound helps them to feel relax, calm and puts them to sleep.

Basically sounds do not have colour but in this case according to the type of sound produced a particular colour is allocated to a noise. For example, Pink noise which has more energy in low frequency ranges such as rainfall or sound of a busy traffic. Blue or violet noise signifies sounds which have more energy in very high frequencies, like the sound of a snake hissing or steam leaking from a pipe.

Brown noise has fewer high frequencies than pink noise. The named brown noise is after a movement pattern, called “Brownian motion,” named after Scottish botanist Robert Brown

Nowadays many benefits of brown noise have came forward. Listeners have claimed that brown noise has more guided imagery than any other type of noise and it also aids meditation. A fact that brown noise helps deep breathing may be the reason it is effective in putting a person to sleep. Other benefits include, improved sleep quality and enhanced concentration.

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