Arrival Unveils Pandemic-friendly Electric Bus

Sep, 2020 - By SMI

Arrival Unveils Pandemic-friendly Electric Bus

In January 2020, Arrival received around US$ 112.31 million investment from Kia and Hyundai, as well as signed a deal with UPS to deliver 10,000 electric vans.

On June 17, the United Kingdom-based based company, Arrival has unveiled an electric bus to make public transport feasible in the COVID-19 pandemic, the novel coronavirus has made its way to every corner of the world. To ensure social distancing and safe travel, the bus is designed with several safety features such as removable seats and a zero-touch bell. The company’s integrated public transportation ecosystem includes digital services, charging infrastructure, delivery robots, sharing taxis, cars, and buses to help reduce emissions.

Previously, the electric bus was a more sustainable platform for public transportation that could help move the public without tailpipe emissions (a serious threat to human and environmental health). Now, the situation has changed from the last four to five months due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. However, the company used the epidemic as an opportunity to introduce a new type of electric bus, offering social-distancing promises. The all-new electric bus will be an important factor in the public transportation ecosystem, providing an attractive and modern way of navigating.

The company offers the new, promising, safest, and most practical solution of public transit in the coronavirus era. Arrival primarily focused on the hygiene, cleanliness, and space during the development of the all-new pandemic-friendly electric bus. Arrival intends to build the buses at local micro-factories, it will help deploy the buses at that location. It will open job opportunities to the local individuals, as well as help the local economies. Moreover, the company is planning to build around 1,000 micro-factories across the globe by 2026, as well as the company has developed new manufacturing technology. According to the company, it cost the same as a fossil-fuel equivalent in the long run.

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