Archeologists Uncover Oldest Known Projectile Points In Historic Discovery

Feb, 2023 - By SMI

Archeologists Uncover Oldest Known Projectile Points In Historic Discovery

Projectile points made of stone were found at the coopers ferry site.

The archeologists of Oregon State University, recently have made an amazing discovery in Idaho, They have found projectile points in America that that are almost as old as 16,000 years. This discovery sheds light on how humans crafted tools in the early ages, using elements like stones metal etc. Projectile points are sharp objects, usually made of stone, bone or metal attached to the end of the projectile, such as a spear or arrow. These tools are usually designed for hunting or any other activities. They can easily penetrate the strongest targets, hence the use of projectile points was made in the early ages as it made a good weapon.

Archeologists have found 13 such full projectile points on the site and some broken pieces which are about 1.27 to 5.08 centimeters large and very sharp. The points, date back to approximately 15,700 years before, found in north of America. Study of these discoveries have been published by the journal ‘Science Advances’.

‘The projectile points found are an important part of our history, and lets us know more about the lives of people, during the early ages that lived in America’ says Loren Davis who seems to be the leader that initiated the research that found the projectile points. Some time ago Davis and his team members discovered small pieces of bones and other elements that showed human presence before 16000 years.

These points were found near River Salmon, where tribes were located. The projectile points found in America share an uncanny resemblance to the ones discovered in Hokkaido region located in Japan. Which indicated that Northeast Asia and the U.S. might have had cultural connections, during those times.

The ancient lot of North of America owned cultural knowledge, which helped them in surviving and thriving over the period. This knowledge heavily influenced the way they made their weapons, similar to the ones located at the Cooper’s Ferry.  

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