Apple Introduces iOS16.2 Beta 1 Software Update To The Developer

Nov, 2022 - By SMI

Apple Introduces iOS16.2 Beta 1 Software Update To The Developer

Freeform app, lock screen customization, live activities, advancement in messages and mail and much more added in iOS16.2 Beta 1

On Monday 24th of October Apple released iOS16.1 software update worldwide. Following day, Tuesday, Apple rolled out iOS 16.2 Beta 1 to registered users in its developer program. The build number is 20G5032e.

The iOS 16 continues to develop progressively.

Note: betas are the test versions. It is under development to fix bugs and report any imperfection experienced in existing apps. Beta users commonly suffers excessive battery drain as well. Before the official launch, these beta versions are improved and polished.

What is offered in iOS16.2?

  • Apple will finally make available its inbound app Freeform which is initially introduced at WWDC 2022. Freeform is a digital whiteboard where one can doodle, write, text, scribble or share media at same time. However, some bugs are yet to be resolved as inability to delete boards offline.
  • New sleep widget will be added to lock screen, which will provide information as sleeping quality and quantity drawn from Health app.
  • The feature of live activity on lock screen without waking up the phones screen will be enhanced.
  • The new Home App Architecture will be more efficient and reliable for controlling compatible devices.
  • Software updates section available in general will be beautified as the text ‘iOS is up to date’ will be bolder.
  • The SharePlay and state Manager will face changes. The beta update will try to fix the animated layout to support a 120Hz refresh rate in the ProMotion displays.

No actual release date for users worldwide yet announced but its is expected that development of iOS16.2 will be short and final launch will be soon by end of this year.

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