Android Users to New Updates

Mar, 2021 - By SMI

Android Users to New Updates

Google has released a series of Android updates that include a regular password check for Android series 9 and above smartphones and this function will warn users if they have previously revealed their credentials.

The function was launched back in 2019 on Google Chrome and is aims at allowing users to secure their log in id before signing up for services. Google upgrades series of Android with the updated Messages app in addition to Password Checkup, which will allow users to program text messages. To support the people with low vision and visual impairments, the accessibility-focused Talkback has also been updated. Google Maps, Google Assistant and Android Auto are all parts of the updates that were revealed by Google in a blog post for users. After the new update on password checkup came, Android users were able to figure out whether they have previously shared the passwords they are using. Once 'Auto fill with Google' have been allowed, a pop-up dialog box will appear which will update the users about entering an already exposed password. To let users review all their saved passwords a link to the Password Manager page will also be included. In a blog post, Google stated that on Android 9 and above, password scan on Android devices is possible, which states that no more waiting to get the latest experience on Android updates on their mobile phones.

On Google Chrome, Password Checkup have already been made available and is a part of Google's password manager which is open to all Google account users. It was originally provided as a part of Chrome extension and it intended to look at passwords and usernames revealed during breaches by third parties to notify individuals if they want any passwords that are shared. Google has also added a new feature, which modify messages for phones running Android 7 and above.

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