Amazon launch Amazon Care, a virtual medical clinic for employees

Dec, 2019 - By SMI

Amazon launch Amazon Care, a virtual medical clinic for employees

A new healthcare service is offering to the employees and their families of the Seattle a city in Washington. It can be accessed through the app AMAZON CARE.

According to the CNBC, Amazon Care become an initiative program broadcast in 2018 by Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan to create a new health care company which was drastic change in how they handle their employees healthcare requirements. It offers users to access with health professionals with the use of video chat and text. If an employee calls for a follow up care, Amazon can organize a nurse to pay a visit at home.

Amazon is collaborating along with the Washington state-based company called Oasis Medical Group to supply the telemedicine service to its workers. As compared to other huge companies, like, Apple offer remotely accessible healthcare services as a part of their employee payment and it is also included in their benefit packages. Last year the company purchase PILLPACK, an online pharmacy. This year it associated with six health care organizations to build up Alexa skills to deal with patient information. Many prescriptions can be consign to the employees within 2 hours and rest can be sent through the preferred pharmacy. 

A company begins to have deal with the supplier Oasis Medical which could help Amazon to take care the health of their employee. Oasis is a separate authorized subsidiary from Amazon, the parent company. The App is only available for Amazon workers, who are on the endorse Amazon health plan. Workers who want to access the app they will also have a phone with iOS 12.0, Android 6.0. The service is open between 8AM to 9PM (Monday to Friday) and 8AM to 6PM (Saturday to Sunday). The app does offer any emergency services. Amazon looks like to have a $130 billion market opportunity, if the company expands its services freely available.

“Amazon is a company that is experimenting a lot with a variety of opportunities in health care,” said Glen Tullman, the executive chairman of Livongo, a health-care company.

 Amazon is the leading company which turns out to be well established industries. It covers all the sectors and provides the relevant services. It has millions of subscribers which are providing only the online marketplace. Now, it covers the healthcare of their own employees by providing them with benefits packages.

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