A Study Finds That Men With Higher IQ Like To Risk Their money In Gambling

Nov, 2022 - By SMI

A Study Finds That Men With Higher IQ Like To Risk Their money In Gambling

A recent research in Finland has concluded that men who have higher numerical IQ are fond of skilled gambling games such as horse race.

Intelligent quotient popularly known as IQ is a measurement of how much intelligent a person is. It describes the problem solving capacity, thinking ability and reaction time of brain. IQ of a person is generally determined by a subjective test followed by a personal interview. Generally having a higher IQ is beneficial in many ways in life. But a recent research conducted doesn’t support this theory. It explains how people having a higher IQ can use it in places which may not be beneficial for them.

A research which was recently conducted in University of Eastern Finland and University of Liverpool found out that people who had better IQ were more fond of betting on horse races. The research further elaborated that persons with higher numerical IQs were tending towards skill based gambling or gambling which contains high risks. The study also claims that these types of person spend more money than regular persons.

Participants of the study were 15000 Finish men who had undergone a mandatory IQ test as part of their military duty before enlisting themselves in Finish Defence forces. Professor David Forest, lead author of the study explained that as there was very less previous research done on the correlation of men with higher IQ and their participation in high risk gambling, a reason behind this cannot be stated at the moment. But prof. David Forest also thinks that as wiser men are attracted towards thee mathematical challenge provided by skilled gambling games, this could be one of the reason they tend towards gambling. He also stated that finding such a strong link of behaviour of men with higher IQ ia also a significant achievement.

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