A Simple Nutrient That May Reduce Hyper Tension

Apr, 2022 - By SMI

A Simple Nutrient That May Reduce Hyper Tension

A study says that eating a nutrient may help to reduce the risk of hypertension

High blood pressure is a major problem concerning many people creating major problems. Many adults U.S are suffering from hypertension, says CDC. However, the condition of people having high blood pressure is under control. Hypertension is a severe ailment that may cause major threat to the cardiac health may destroy the arteries and that’s the main reason why people should try all the possible ways to decrease the high blood pressure levels normal. Preferably a diet known as DASH diet is also helpful to reduce the risk of hypertension. DASH diet includes foods such as watermelon, potatoes and some sort of legumes. And a wide range of study reveals that incorporating the diet with healthy rich proteins may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. One such dish is adding the combination of quinoa to egg. According to a survey when it was concluded that people who consumed food had main sources of protein that is whole grains, refined grains, processed and unprocessed meat poultry, dairy items, fish, eggs and legumes.

Researchers stated that people who consumed four or more than four types of protein were likely to decrease the levels of hypertension up to 66%. The cardiac health association says that consuming a proper amount of balanced diet with proteins from various sources instead of concentrating on any of the nutrient may help to lower the risk of high blood pressure sooner. According to a survey conducted people were grouped into five and were surveyed on the basis of their protein consumption. People of the polar region who consumed protein was only 10. 6% and 14% respectively which created a huge risk of hypertension amongst people The AHA recommended people to consume at least two ounces a day to maintain the blood pressure. Good things always take time and people who consume plant based food are at a safer side.

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