A Research Describes The Foods Which Can Amplify The Menstrual Cycle Cramps

Nov, 2022 - By SMI

A Research Describes The Foods Which Can Amplify The Menstrual Cycle Cramps

Findings of the study state that diet containing Omega 6 fatty acids result in more pain during menstrual cycle period, while Omega 3 fatty acid reduce it.

Menstrual cycle in women is one of the most complicated thing in their life. It is responsible in various other sectors of a woman’s health ranging from giving birth to a baby to mental health of that woman. But though important this menstrual cycle is not that easy thing to bear. It creates many changes in daily life when the menstrual cycle is on. Right from mood swings to period crams, a woman has to undergo through such severe things. Many woman when asked about their experience about menstrual cycle period, describe it as a hell of experience. But now a new research is guiding women about thee food which will increase menstrual pain and avoiding it is better for them.

A study presented in 2022 Annual Meeting of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), concluded that diet can play a key role in the intensity of side effects of menstrual cycle. It has claimed that diet high in meat, oil, sugar, salt, and coffee can worsen the menstrual cramps. The study also claims that ninety percent of girls suffering from period cramps opt to take medications to reduce its effect but the results are not satisfying enough. The study found out that foods which are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and contain low amount of processed foods and oil sugar etc, create less amount of inflammation which is the main reason of period cramps.

The research also found that diets high in Omega 6 fatty acids are also responsible to higher inflammation. It claims that those who were on vegan diet had the lowest inflammation resulting into lower amount of period cramps pain.

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