A Pixel Emoji Wallpaper Creator Is Concealed In Android 14

Mar, 2023 - By SMI

A Pixel Emoji Wallpaper Creator Is Concealed In Android 14

The second developer version of Android 14 contained an emoji wallpaper generator that let users choose from a variety of emoticons and colors to create a new wallpaper.

This year, Google planned to release more than 20 AI products. One of those services was going to be a Pixel phone wallpaper maker. It appears that app was only recently found in Android 14's second developer beta.

Android 14 DP2's /product section appears to be concealing a new wallpaper feature, claims XDA Developers. The feature in question is what looks to be an emoji wallpaper creator that is only available on Pixel phones. Given that it carries the features flag "com.google.android.feature.PIXEL EXPERIENCE" and the configuration file "com.google.android.apps.emojiwallpaper," it is presumed to be an exclusive app.

It will be easy to miss if one is messing around with Android 14 DP2 because it is dormant by default. The feature in the Picker app & wallpaper will allegedly be activated by turning on a debug flag, according to the publication. Users should then be able to choose from 14 emojis and a choice of patterns and colors to create a unique wallpaper using the "Emoji Lab" option.

According to reports, every wallpaper made is saved under Wallpaper & styles>Wallpaper>Emoji Lab. By pressing on the creation they wish to use and selecting "Set Wallpaper," users can freely switch between their saved masterpieces. After being saved, these wallpapers can also be altered.

It's not unusual for features to be hidden in developer previews. In reality, the first developer preview of Android 14 contained a tool for removing bloatware. There's a possibility that more hidden tools will surface as users gain more experience with this most recent version. It's crucial to keep in mind that these features might not make it into Android 14's final stable build.

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