A New Research To Enhance The Quality Of Sleep Music Is On Its Way

Nov, 2022 - By SMI

A New Research To Enhance The Quality Of Sleep Music Is On Its Way

Scientists from ten different European universities, are collaborating in a research to find out the connection between music and sleep and ways to enhance the soporific effect of music

There is a lot of research made on how music affects our mind and body. Many studies claim that music is highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, maintaining blood pressure and increasing mental awareness and memory. But so far, comparatively less research is done focusing the relationship between music and sleep. Lullabyte, a doctoral network is trying hard to fill this cavity. The organisation is planning to conduct research in ten different European universities and companies. It has assigned leading scientists from various fields such as musicology, neuroscience and somnology.

A traditional way to put a child to sleep is through singing lullabies. This study will try to find out the similar musical characteristic in between traditional lullabies and modern day sleep or relaxing music. It will help to find out what musical aspects are effective put a person to sleep.

The scientists are also planning to examine the structure and origin of overall sleep music and efforts will be made to enhance its effect on sleeping. The research will also look to create some new genre of music with better soporific effect.

It is necessary that all the scientist from the selected ten universities will have to work together effectively. The planning and scheduling of the results from the research which will be dependent on further research and results is a crucial part of this study, because it will not be conducted on a same place. This study will start from November 2022 and the network of scientists will be coordinated by Junior Professor of Empirical Musicology at TU Dresden, Dr. Miriam Akkermann.

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