5G Radiations May Result into Inaccurate Weather Forecast

Nov, 2020 - By SMI

5G Radiations May Result into Inaccurate Weather Forecast

A study by Rutgers University suggests that the 5G wireless network that is said to provide faster and better cell phone service can interrupt weather prediction and inaccurate forecasts.

A study by Professor Narayan B. Mandayam at Wireless Information Network Laboratory on the controversial issue that 5G network radiations may result into inaccurate weather forecasts, has created concerns among meteorologists. Mandayam, who is also the head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, said that their study is the first of its kind that has quantified how 5G would affect the accuracy of weather predictions. 5G cellular wireless technologies, that will revolutionize internet and telecommunication, have new ways to use higher frequencies (mmWave) for mobile communications. It ensures faster connections, faster internet, increase in the number of connected devices and wide availability of network in the coming three years, according to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE).

In this study, researchers used computer modeling to examine the impact of 5G’s unintended radiation from a transmitter to an adjacent channel or frequency (or 'leakage') on forecasting the Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak in 2008 in the South and Midwest. The 5G signals from the frequency band could leak into the band that the weather sensors on satellites use that measure the water vapor amount in the atmosphere affecting the weather predictions and forecasting. The 5G leakage power -15 to -20 decibel Watts affected the accuracy of precipitation as well as the temperature. Since meteorologists depend upon satellites for data in order to forecast weather, it is necessary to control the leakage and bring it to its minimum amount by working on more detailed antenna technology, improved algorithms of weather forecasting and dynamic reallocation of spectrum resources. This can only be achieved by studying a more detailed model.

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